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March 2014

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Precious Metal Powders produced by gas atomization – Tailor made for the customer’s applications

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Atomet SA is a Swiss company based in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland). Atomet SA develops and produces precious metal powders for various applications. Precise control of powder characteristics and properties, such as composition, morphology, particle size enable achievement of excellent results in technologies derived from powder metallurgy. The spherical shape of gas atomized powders are well suited for the technical applications of our customers. Gold alloy compositions of usual caratages and colors cover the whole field of jewellery applications. Atomet offers not only gold powders but also compositions of silver, palladium and platinum based alloys.

Technical target applications of Atomet powders include sintering, brazing, coatings, e.g. plasma spraying, additive manufacturing (3D-printing) by laser (SLM) and electron beam (EBM), as well as injection molding (MIM) and other related techniques.